Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Guess Who´s Back

Heyyyyy everybody! :) We starting out the email straight answering the questions from mah Mom.

-Yes, I am back in Talagante AGAIN. Holy cow. So much time here hahaha but pretty cool!:) My companion is Elder Mendoza from Chile! (Another Chilean!)
-It was pretty funny/cool being called as ZL because the whole zone of Talagante did the typical ¨Ooooooohh¨ hahahah.
-Its pretty much the same as DL but you are in charge of more missionaries and give classes to the whole zone.
-I am going to be able to watch the conference here in Talagante! ALL of the sessions except Priesthood because it starts too late at night. :(
-My new apartment is in an apartment complex. 2 rooms. A bathroom (my comp. destroys it every morning...) and a kitchen! Pretty simple. :) We live us 2 no más.
-I havent felt an aftershock for a while now so I think everything is good. haha
-I read Nate´s email. So funny. Shout out to Elder Carr in Canada for taking out the trash with the BoM and being hilarious. hahaha

Well, this week really started on Wednesday after the changes meeting. I brought all my bags to the new pension, then we left right away to start working. My new sector is awesome! It´s in the city of Talagante and there are a ton of people to teach!

My new companion is going home in November so this is His last change! I am going to ¨kill¨ another companion! He is super funny and a good kid. We get along pretty well! We had a zone meeting (there are 30 missionaries in the zone) that was very edifying. We spoke about Diligence, Obedience, and Planning Effeciently (I can´t spell in English). The missionaries here are amazing and take out the TRASH! We are really excited for this month and for the month of October to work really hard and see the Lord´s hand in everything we do.

Anyways... its the end of the month so I have no money so I am going to eat granola bars for breakfast this week.

There are so many dogs here that just want to bite the missionaries its disgusting.

I love you all. Christ lives and loves us. May we follow His perfect example. I know the Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the Gospel. ANYONE that reads it, ponders, and asks of God if it is true with faith and real intent, will come to know that Christ lives and has His church here on the earth. 


Elder Brophy

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