Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Killa Plz...

Alrighty... so an awesome email today but we are going to start off with the questions like usual!:)

-A couple cool/interesting things happened this week hahaha i will explain in the email.
-The wife and kid got baptized this last Friday!:) WOOOHOOOO the photo is at the bottom!:)
-okay... i didnt get hit by a car really... it just bumped me and knocked me over and it was like 6 months ago...
-No there arent any other interesting things that have happened to me that I am hiding from you guys.... hahahah:)
-I havent used my bigcoat... its not very cold here... now its SO HOT.
-The SD cards you sent me arent blank. They have recordings on them!
-My favorite thing to eat in Chile.... probably a BBQ that they do or a completo. (hot dog but better than a hot dog)
-I almost never drink soda. I drink juice (fruit) every single day of my life here though.

ALSO, HUGE SHOUTOUT to my little sister for her birthday this last week. SHE IS A BEAST and I love her so much. Everybody give this girl a huge shoutout for being the big birthday girl. :)

Soooooo. This week was amazing. Literally SO SICK. We visited a TON of people and were able to see the Lords hand in everything we do as missionaries. One of the cooooolest things that happened this week was that Teresa and Axel got baptized! (totally drowned them). Friday night, a TON of the ward came and Elder Lozano and I were both able to baptize! I baptized Axel and Elder Lozano baptized Teresa. It was a moment I will never forget. The spirit was felt so strong and after the baptism they really expressed their thanks. It just gave me so much joy that we were able to be instruments in the Lords hands to bring others unto Him. A year from now they will all be sealed in the temple as a family:)

Another COOL thing that happened was on Sunday when they were to be confirmed and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Well, usually the bishop always confirms the people in this ward. Well, when Axel sat down he whispered something to the Bishop and the bishop pointed at me and told me to come up to the stand. So I walked up and he tells me.... ¨Hey, you are going to confirm him.¨ Hahahahah I was like HUH? But it was such an experience to be able to confirm Axel and give him a blessing after. The spirit was present.

The mission is amazing. Literally. I love it so much. It has never been a sacrifice,but a priveledge. Incredible to be able to share the Gospel in every moment not needed to worry about the things of the world. I dont want it to end. May (talking to the missionaries serving right now) we use every single day... minute.... second to our advantage and be obedient to the Lords will. Let us cast out our will and do as Nephi did... follow the will of the Lord. I love you all so much you guys are all beasts. :) 

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