Monday, July 13, 2015

Finding New People!:)

Hey everybody! How the heck is everyone?:) I am doing SO good today and it was an awesome week!:) A couple questions this week....

Training is AWESOME. My companion is a beast so it really isnt training hahaha. :)
It is pretty chill. Its more challenging in the side of having patience but besides that not really. :)
I got the cookies and letters a while ago and I LOVED them. :) THANKYOU so much mom. :)
I am still in his ward. :)
Elder Lozano is awesome. He is pretty funny and reallyyyy awkward hahah it keeps it interesting.
The area we are in is VERY small so we have been contacting a TON to find a lot of new people to baptize. 
Its awesome. :)
I am very warm because I have been using my sleeping bag. Its the BOMB. :)-Yes Mom, I do have swag...
-Last I checked I benched like 340.... something like that
-Yeah when I stubbed my toe this week I only cried for 20 minutes. nbd

So anyways. This week was pretty awesome! During the week my companion and I had a great time. We saw a TON of miracles and the hand of God in everything that we did. It was pretty incredible. (PS.... yes those questions are a joke ha... ha.. hahah) We ended up finding a lot of new investigators this week but a couple were a little hesitant to accept a baptismal invitation. Kinda a bummer but with more faith and obedience on our part, I know that they will accept this next time. It has rained a little bit this week which makes things a little complicated... the Chileans are SO funny... when it rains it is like everybody just dies. THEY DONT LEAVE THEIR HOUSES. It is almost like they are obligated to stay in their houses because the rain is cold/dangerous/uncomfortable hahah i dunno. But I love them anyways. 

Another quick cool little thing that happened this week was when me and Elder Cummings had to go into Santiago for a doctors appointment for the back of Elder Cummings (also, please pray for him that his back can get better so that he can start working again), and when we started getting into the really rich part of Santiago we started seeing some SWEET cars haha. I have officially seen a Volkswagon Golf gtR. It was soooooo cool looking I would say myself.. If i behave myself maybe my parents will help me get one one day...... (hint). Hahaha naw thats pretty worldly. 

But yeah. I am gonna dip out real quick but I know Christ lives. The best recorded fact in history is the story of the birth and mission of our Savior Jesus Christ on earth. I know that He suffered for each and every one of us. And I know that through Him, we can overcome sin and obtain an eternal family. That is what I want and I know that is what He wants from me. 

May we all continue down the path and endure to the end. He will carry us through the hard times in our lives when we are His faithful disciples.

I love you all. Be safe!

Elder Brophy

Here is a quick picture that didnt turn out very well but whatever hahaha

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