Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I feel sooo... Old.

Heyyyyy everybody! Real quick before we get into the meat of the conversation, we straight going to hit up the questions from my momma.

-I havent gotten the Bday Package yet! It still hasnt made it!:(
-The transfersssss. Well I left my last sector and now I am going into another sector whitewash (kinda) training! Haaha pretty cool so now I have a little kid in the mission. He arrives tomorrow!
-I havent made a cake yet because I havent had time but tonight I think I will!
-I havent had contact with Bro. Ortega yet but I think I will see him tomorrow!:)
-I have opened the Bday card that I brought with me. Thankyou sooooo much!
-I have seen a HUGEEEEE spider once but besides that... nothing.
-Its pretty safe where I live! Its not too gangster so everythings chill. I am not worried about it to be honest. I know the Lord protects his missionaries.
-I would definitely say that yes I am more thankful for the USA being here but yes I do LOVE it here.

SOOOOO, today I turned 19...... I am sooo old. hahahah but thats tight! Right now I am with Elder Clegg who is also going to be training and we are staying in Santiago today because tomorrow we have to go pick up our kids in Maipu. Its going to be awesome. I am pretty excited to see who my companion will be!

Anyways, this last week has been amazing. I honestly have loved and enjoyed every moment of it. (Oh, and to clarify reallyyyy fast, yes i am still in Melipilla and in the same ward but different sector again!) I love the people here. I love the mission and I love Chile. When I said goodbye to everyone yesterday it was really hard but fulfilling. It was hard because I love them... but I also left feeling okay because I did everything that I could to help them. I know that Christ lives. I know he is our Savior and that he directs missionary work. May we allllllll focus a little bit more on how we can become more like Him. I know that when we do, we will see changes in our lives and we will come closer to God.

Everyone be safe this week. I send my love to all. The Gospel has been restored... Let us be happy killas!


Elder Brophy

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