Monday, July 27, 2015


Alrightyyyy so this week was sickkkk but we gonna kick it off with the Q´s of the week . :)

-I have not gotten my hump day package yet! this wednesday I am sure. :)
-I havent taken a TON of pictures this week.... i actually only took a selfie in the bathroom...... dang it.
-My area is pretty city.... its awesome! There are always people walking around outside!
-I dont have my duty to god coin with me... i think I left it at home!
-I dooooo have something for you guys to study this week!:) Study 3 Nephi 11. SICKEST chapter ever. I love it and have recently been studying it. :) Mom, maybe read it before then make up some questions or show a video about Jesus Christ after. Pretty sweet message. :)

Alrighty. So this week a couple cool things have happened. I have a CRAZY story then a pretty spiritual story. :)

So the crazy storrrrry. I was in divisions with another missionary for 2 days this week (Elder Goode from Syracuse, Utah). And it was like 6:30 at night and we were walking pretty calm just hanging out and contacting when all of a sudden a 14 year old came across the road RIGHT IN FRONT of us and got nailed my a car. Literally like 10 feet in front of us. He got hit and the kid flew like 15 feet and his bike like 20.... the impact literally knocked the kids shoes off. He landed on the ground and was concious (idk if I spelled that right or not...) but wasnt moving a bunch. So Elder Goode ran and got his bike out of the road and like 50 people (that dont usually answer the door for us) come running out of the houses around us and make a huge circle around the kid. *Spoiler... the kid is fine and will be okay dont worry kiddos* But when I walked over there were two things I immediately noticed...
1. His leg was DEFINITELY broken and out of place and
2. ALL the ribs on the left side were also broken.
It was pretty crazy and nasty to see. We tried to offer a blessing but the people wouldnt let us get near him. Pretty crazy!

Look both ways before crossing the street.

Lastly, this week my companion and I have been striving to love all those that we see. We have been striving to talk to everyone and the Lord has blessed us! This Saturday we talked with one of our investigators and put a date of when they are going to get married and baptized. The first and second week of September. When we did, our investigator asked us... so what do I need to do to be 100% ready to be baptized.... I think I puked. SO SICK. We made goals and set out the plan of what we are going to teach to help Him be baptized but he commited to read the Book of Mormon and pray of the things we will teach Him. He is awesome. God truly touches the hearts of the people. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is our perfect example in this life. If the people we talk to can understand the purpose and importance of our Savior, what He did for us... they will understand the importance of following His example and His commandments. :) I know our Savior lives and loves us. May we strive to be more and more like Him, so we can be found clean in the last day. If we are far from the path, there is still time. Repent and change! He is all merciful and desires that all His children can come unto Him.

I love this gospel and all of you. Be safe killas.

Elder Brophy

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