Monday, August 3, 2015

Okay... I see you killa.

Heyyyyyy everybody!!! This week was amazing!:) But I am going to start with the questions from my mother real quick. :)

-Your boy is good. Really good and happy!:)
-This week was pretty awesome. I stayed really warm. Just wore my sweater around. I havent used the big coat yet but I am thinking that this week I will because it is going to rain alot. :(
-I dont ever play the piano here. The ward has like 4 people who play the piano very well. :(
-I got my hump day package!!!!! WHOOO I totally wear the camel shirt to bed every night. Its the best hahaha. :) THANKYOU SO MUCH. Also a HUGE shout out to the Brophy family from California. Thankyou so much for the card. :) I love you guys so much!!! Not to mention also mom.... the choice of cookies that you put in there.... INCREDIBLE. I almost vomited it was so good.
-The family night topic could be about humility and pride. Go to preach my gospel mom and there are plenty of scriptures you can choose. :)

So this week was tighhhhht. :)

So this week as missionaries we organized an activity for the ward about missionary work. :) So we called it the night of deserts! Everyone that came brought a desert to share and there were prizes for various things like: flavor, presentation, texture, etc. (so everybody got a certificate) and played a couple games then we ate all the deserts together! What does that have to do with missionary work right? Well, as missionaries (because we are 8 in the ward) we put on a play for all the members.) We made skits of us tracting and knocking on doors and how sometimes the people will reject us etc. So we showed them that situation... then we showed them the situation of when the members give us references and how effecient it is. (i know my spelling is bad... i am sorry... my grammar too i am sure) So it was pretty funny and spiritual. I wore my camel shirt in front of everybody hahaha. :)

But a cool quick spiritual story was this Thursday. My companion and I left the house and it was pretty clear outside and warm. Well, mid-day it starts POURING rain and my companion and I were outside knocking on doors for a couple hours in this pouring rain. So finally, in the street the zl´s called us asking if we were cold (hahahah i have no idea why but they are hilarious) So i told them yes and asked if they would pray for us that we can get in a house. So they told us they would. We also stoppped in that moment and said a prayer that we could knock on a door and they would let us in to teach them the gospel. Well, we finished the prayer and knocked on the door in front of us and guess what happened? Yeah dude they totally let us in!:) We taught about the Restoration and they said they would read and pray. :) Amazing how prayer works.

When life gets too hard to stand, kneel. May we stay close to the ground and be humble and ask God for divine help. He knows us and hears us. 

I love you all so much. :)

Today we went was superrrr tight and I played decent haha :)

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