Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Soooo weird that I am emailing on a Tuesdayyyy but i can explain hahaha

-The mail weeks are very weird mom... i honestly dont even know how they work anymore but i am going to try to get my package tomorrow. :)
-We have Zone Conferences when President tells us to have them. they are pretty random. :)
-My clothes are holding up great... i bought a fresh pair of Gs the other day. Heck ya
-My shoes are holding up great! Thanks mom. :)
-The investigators are doing great that need to be married. Their names are Felipe and Andrea. 

Well, this week has been celestial. We took out the trashhhhhh and had a GREAT time. Well--

To explain things first. In the mission our Pday is now Tuesday. Thats about the only thing I know at this point. Tomorrow we are going to know more things. BUT, something I do know is that my companion and I are staying in Melipilla! Hahaha holy cow I am going to be here at the very least 7 1/2 months.... pretty long time! I love it here. :) Sadly... Elder Parker and Elder Cummings are leaving. :( They got straight white washed out of there. :( So yeah.

Something cool that happened this week (and kinda lame) was that my companion was pretty sick. So we had to come back to the house for a little bit and he laid down to rest and asked for a priesthood blessing. So, I gave him one... he laid down (no joke) for 5 minutes and got back up and felt GREAT so we were able to immediately start working again! SO SICK. I was soooo happy. :) My companion is a beast. We get along pretty well hahah. :)

We also had the priveledge to go to the temple (all the trainers and their companions) to go through a session. WOW did I need that. It was pretty incredible. The spirit is so strong in the temple you can touch it i swear. I love that place and I testify that it is the closest we can get to heaven here on earth.

I also received a good lesion to the face this week hahahah. Elder Cummings, Elder Parker, and I were all wrestling and fighting have a good ole time when Elder Parker just lands on my face and I got a funny looking cut on my temple hahha. So that was pretty fun. We have had a great time with these Elders and they are great examples to me.

Bueno... to end I would like to testify of the power of the Priesthood. What a blessing to have the priesthood to be healed... comforted... baptized... sealed. I know that the Priesthood is a blessing for all mankind. That if held worthily, is the connection between the temporal and spiritual things. So tight. :) I love this Gospel and I know it is true. Christ lives and is our Savior.


Elder Brophy

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