Monday, February 22, 2016


Hey everybody!!! :) This weeks email is also going to be kinda short for the fact of the time. hahah my english is horrible.

-My week was awesome. :)
-Funny experience...... watching Elder Mertz trying to take a selfie with a haitain that didnt speak english or spanish hahaha
-Something special that happened in a lesson.. well this week we literally were so blessed to find people that all wanted to be baptized. The spirit was felt very strong this week while ministering to the people.
-The pups is so cuteeee
-I couldnt open the video
-We finally moved into the apartment... it is soooo nice. The 22nd floor with a view of the mountains. We have a balcony as well so we take the nightly calls out there.... its cuico. :)

Buttttt. The coolest thing that happened this week was the opportunity to help Ricardo (picture above) be baptized! he is a MACHINE. He got baptized in 3 weeks! The lord had been preparing him for 3 YEARS through His neighbors who are active members of the church. I would like to testify the power of God. I know that angels are preparing the way for all to have the opportunity to receive the gospel. i love this gospel so much. It is incredible.!

I hope everyone has a great week! Keep staying safe!


Elder Brophy

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