Monday, January 25, 2016

But if we Die.... Let it be in the Baptismal Font

Hey everybody!!!! Startin off with the questions of the week. Wow, it seems like I havent done that in a while haha.

-We still dont know when we move apartments... hopefully soon!
-The new apartment is kinda far from our sector but we would take the bus so it doesnt take very long
-Transfer days are now Monday... and we dont have a reunion. Its like the same in the rest of the missions now.... they just call you and tell you if you have changes.
-Neither of us cook very much. Hahaha
-I did try a recipe at the beginning of my mission but I havent made anything else since then hahaha

Anyways. This week was honestly pretty awesome. Hard... but great. We learned alot this week thanks to adversity. We have been working really hard with some new investigators we found 3 weeks ago to get baptized. They had accepted all the teachings, commitments, and a baptismal date (this saturday). Well, on Saturday when we went by their house to verify that everything was A-Okay to go to church... the mother told us that they were not going to continue in the church (punch in the face). I puked. Then we started trying to minister her need right then and there in the doorstep because there wasnt a man inside so we couldnt enter. Well, long story short.... the extended family of this family had heard that they were going to be baptized and freaked out and told them that they could not be baptized or they would disown them. Always hard seeing how much the adversary works. 

But, a seed was planted in GOOD soil. The following example literally happened to almost every single one of our investigators this last week... problems with the family, and other things. BUT, we gonna go find some new people and BAP em! Thats whatcha gotta do! Just keep walking. Having a firm hope that Christ and His angels are preparing others to receive the gospel NOW. 

I testify that Christ lives and loves us. I know that there are angels preparing the way to be able to receive the gospel. I also know that if we are not obedient, their work is in vain because we are not going to be worthy to receive such a blessing.

Love you guys so much!!! this is the zone 5 de Abril. STRAIGHT MACHINES!

Elder Brophy

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