Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Craziest week ever.

-Sorry i forgot to send an email last week... i literally forgot hahahaha
-I am going to take a picture of the zone in 2 weeks more. :)
-Yeah, he got baptized.
-I made a ton of goals for 2016. it was weird as fetch because it was half for the mission and the other half not.
-i slept for new years. :)

So, I am gonna be brief because there is a ton of stuff going on and has been going on these past couple days hahahah.

Anyways, this week was amazing. We worked really hard a found a ton of new people who really have potential to be baptized. :) It was incredible. 

So, two crazy stories real quick.

1. We got changed out of our house! Something reallyyyyyy ghetto happened to our next door neigbor so they took us out and now we are living with other Elders.
2. I am not going to be with Elder Clegg anymore. SO LAME. We got called last night and President is doing surprise changes with all the mission. We werent expecting it. I am really going to miss Elder Clegg. one of my best friends. We must take the changes with a humble heart!

I love this gospel. I will let everybody know what is going on and who i am with next week!

Yes, i stay in my sector. Elder Clegg is dippin out.

love Elder Brophy

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