Monday, March 14, 2016

Pedro... the MACHINE.

Hey everybody! So this week I have decided by starting out by writing my big email! My mom is going to be super happy. :)

-The weeks mom seem like days here i swear...
-Well... if she is coming to Santiago... :) You could send her with maybe the quad... and some ties. Penguin ties. :) hahahah naw if you want but if not just some letters from the family... thats all I really want. :)
-Oh... this week was amazing.
-I am still in the same trio. :)

So this week I am going to basically talk about the man in the title. Pedro! He is the man in the picture. This guy is a machine. You might be asking where the heck he came from? Let me explain.

We found Pedro last Friday (counting from Sunday, 9 days ago). We invited him to baptism and church which he accepted both. It was VERY surprising because he kept telling us during the first lesson that he had been catholic (ACTIVE... like every sunday) for 70 years of his life. So, sunday rolls along and he had told us that he was going to meet us in the church at 11:00am. 11:05 rolled around and Elder Singson and I got restless and decided to go look for him. Well, we walk about 15-20 minutes to go get him and we find him standing on the corner of the street he lives on with a VERY puzzled face. We didnt ask many questions but simply said, ¨Dude... giddy up lets go to church. :) ¨ He ended up coming to church with us and we set up an appointment to guy by in the afternoon. Well, when we arrive in the afternoon to visit Pedro he tells us the following:
He had woken up that morning with the intentions to go to the Catholic church (because he was active.) Well, when he left to go towards the church he said that he immediatly felt that he was too hot and would faint. So, he turned back towards the house to take off his sweater. He explained that as he got close to his house he stopped feeling like it was too hot and turned around taking ANOTHER road to get to the cathotlic church (stubborn hahah.) Well, as he turned around again he felt as if he really was going to faint and remembered that he hadnt taken his pills for his Blood pressure... SO again he turned around towards the house. Well, when he got to the corner of his street he glanced down and saw us walking towards him. I imagine that in that moment he just puked everywhere haha. He told us that when he saw us, he knew the Lord wanted something else for him. Incredible. SO, this last week we have been teaching Pedro.. who accepted everything and wants to change his life. Pedro... was baptized in 9 days. 

I know the Lord lives. He loves us. This week we didnt do anything but be the instruments in the Lords hands. The Lord has been preparing Pedro for YEARS to guide us to him in HIS time, when he would fully accept his gospel. Jesus Christ lives. I know he has paid the price. He asks us that we follow Him. There is not a greater joy than following our Savior here on this earth. I love Him.

I invite all to keep being obedient so that the Lord can guide us to these prepared people. I know that if we do our part, the Lord will do His.

Elder Brophy

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