Monday, April 4, 2016


Connor FINALLY sent a regular email for everyone :) yay!

Hey everybody! Of course starting off with the questions from my motherr!

-I didnt forget but I ran out of time on the computer haha :/ Sorry!
-We saw all the sessions besides priesthood because it is too late at night. But we are going to watch it this week.
-Yes I am.
-I got the easter package! Thankyou so much! hahaha both of my companions were like your family really loves you hahaha. Love you guys so much.
-Havent gotten that package yet
-No... we havent felt any earthquakes lately. :(

So this week was great! We all know that it was the week of General Conference which is always GREAT. Some of the cool things that happened this week started on Tuesday of this last week. The leaders of the West Mission had the opportunity to meet with Elder Allen (President of the Mission Work Board hahahah i dont know how to say it in English). He met with the mission to ask simple questions about the mission and its immense growth in converts in these past two years. Not going to lie, one of the coolest experiences ever to be able to talk and discuss points of the mission work with a general authority. I felt very humbled to be in his presence and for the notable success in the mission.

Also, last night the Lord showed us His tender mercy as we ran back to the sector to work for the one little hour we had before we had to go into the pension to plan and sleep. Well, one of the FIRST doors we knock on, the Family Diaz Paredes comes out and immediately lets us in. (Let it be known that this whole last weeek it was very hard for us to find new people who had sincere desires to come unto Christ) They are a family of three and have been looking for the gospel of Jesus Christ for some years now. Well, when we presented the message of the Restoration and invited them to baptism they accepted immediately! The spirit was felt very strongly during that lesson and walking out the door as a companionship, we gave thanks to God for having led us to this incredible family.

Miracles exist. The Lord loves us so much. I truly know and testify with all my heart that Christ lives. His resurrection brings hope to all of us. The knowledge of His atonement must be spread across the earth to help others have this same hope and accept His TRUE gospel. That is the invitation today, GO FIND SOMEONE AND SHARE THE GOSPEL WITH THEM!

Elder Brophy

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