Monday, May 2, 2016

I will call the cops!

Heyyyyyyy everybody!!!!! holy cow estoy animado poder hablar con todos hoy día. Les quiero mucho y voy a empezar con las preguntas que mi mama me envió. 

-This week was awesome and pretty hilarious to be honest. How was your guys´ week?
- We are going to skype on Sunday. Does it work for you guys at 5 o clock (Chilean time... i think that would be like 2:00 or 1:00 in the afternoon for you guys).
- We are going to skype from the chapel
-i still have gotten the package with the scriptures in it... :/
-Rosa is getting bapped this weekend now. :)

So, this week was great. A lot of opposition but that is necessary in all things so all good poppy. Now that we already got the skype out of the picture i would like to talk about two things that happened this week that i think you guys will enjoy. :)

First.... i think i will start with the funny/creepy story. So this week we had planned on doing divisions with one of our district leaders Elder Arcos. Well, we decided that I was going to go to the other sector to work for the day. Long story short it was a REALLY long day. We contacted in the street all day and on top of that we were fasting. Well after looking all day for new people to teach, this lady finally let us into her house and as we are inviting her to baptism she confesses to us that she was already baptized in the church a really long time ago... i puked. We ended up quickly inviting her to attend church with us on Sunday. After we had left we were both just starving to get into a new persons house and help them come unto Christ, when out of nowhere some lady opens her door and starts swearing at me and calling me a gringo. I didnt know what to do because I didnt know this lady so i just started laughing a little bit and knocked her next door neighbor´s house. This lady continued yelling at me and telling me that she was going to call the cops if we didnt leave so percieving it was the best place to contact new people.. we left haha. WELL, like 30 minutes later and miles away from our house she shows up behind us and keeps yelling at us like there is no tomorrow. Hahahahahah i dont know what was going on with that lady.... So that was pretty cool. My companion got a kick out of it because he is from Spain.

Anyways... this week the Lord did bless us with a miracle. While contacting late at night we found a part member family where only the mom is a member. She hasnt been to church for over 20 years but somehow still has a burning testimony inside of her that the church is true. unfortunately the husband doesnt want anything to do with us but her 3 children listened to us and after the lesson said they wanted to be baptized. It was amazing. The spirit was so strong in that lesson and i know that the spirit is the real teacher. We just have to as Elder Bednar says ¨GET OUTTA THE WAY¨ from the spirit truly teaching. i know that comes by obedience and diligence to the commandments of God.

 I know Christ lives with all my heart. I love serving Him here in Chile.


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