Sunday, June 12, 2016

We came in like a wrecking ball... and bapped Miley Cyrus

Hey everybody!! :) So great to hear from you all! I am of course going to start out this email answering the questions of my mom.

-This week was CRAZY but really great. It went by super fast. :/
-A lot of amazing things happened this week and I will tell a couple in the email.}
-I havent taken them out to lunch yet because we hardly see each other!
-Yes, there will be a despedida (good-bye meeting thingy..) for our whole group. The mission puts it on so all of the people we met and helped can come and say goodbye to us!

So, to start off this email this week I would like to talk about a couple things! :)

To kind of tell you about my week it went like this: :)
Monday... we had a taller de empleo... I am just going to leave that in spanish. We had a really long meeting about being self sufficient and we got to end it with a testimony meeting (it is only for the go-homers). Then after we rushed back to our sector to work in the afternoon. It was so amazing, we got to our sector and immediately started contacting everyone we could see, after an hour or so contacting and looking around our sector we were guided to a family of 5 that are so prepared! :) They accepted baptism and the invitation to come to church. :) What a miracle!
Tuesday... we had a meeting with President. Kind of talked about the mission then after Elder Harries and I got to go to SAN ANTONIO (the Coast)! It was so gorgeous.
Wednesday... on divisions with Elders from San Antonio (goin hard in the paint).
Thursday... getting done with divisions and traveling back and going to the sector to work hard.
Friday... yesterday we had all day to work in the sector. It was so great having time to work and find new people. :) We saw a lot of miracles yesterday. :)
Today... we have PDay and a meeting with President in the afternoon (i think he is taking us to lunch yum).

So pretty solid week. :)

I also wanted to talk about President Barreiros. He is a machine. He is such a great example to me and all the missionaries. His favorite sayings are, ¨Trabajar no más.¨ and ¨One plus one equals two baptisms.¨ hahahah he makes me laugh so hard. The vision the Lord has for the work, President also has. It is incredible. I know that leaders are called of God to guide and help us. President Barreiros is an excelent example of that.

Please dont send anything too trunky these next two weeks because if so I wont respond to you. :)

Love you guys!

Elder Brophy

ps i would send pics but my camera has a virus or something.

Sorry that title probably doesnt make ANY investigador in Amengual (my last sector) that Elder Mertz, Singson, and I all taught is getting baptized tonight and she looks like Miley Cyrus 

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