Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Breathe, Eat, Sleep Baptisms. -President Barreiros

Hey everybody!!! :) I hope everybody is doing just splendid. Going to throw a quick shoutout to the Brophy Family (world-wide) for just straight bein killas.

-New or excited in Talagante. Yes!!! This week was a week of MIRACLES. Elder Mendoza and I were very much blessed by the Lord and we brought 5 investigators to church this week. It was INCREDIBLE. So, we are praying and acting that we can baptize these next 3 weekends of this change (the last change of my companion.) 
-We find the majority of our investigators knocking on doors.
-Well... funny story. So in Melipilla this weekend there is a baptism of a girl Elder Lozano and I taught and the investigator that is getting married the next weekend (24 Oct.) which I am going to be able go to!:) SO TIGHT!
-They do celebrate Halloween here but its like...... pretty lame to be honest waaa.
-The book you sent me was the Infinite Atonement! I am in the process of reading it.

So this week, like i have mentioned earlier was just full of miracles. These first 3 weeks Elder Mendoza and I have been tested in trying to put baptismal dates with our investigators but yesterday we were able to put 3 new baptismal dates with our investigators. They are married and expecting a little girl next month! So please pray for Manuel and Camila!

This week we also went HAMBONI in the pension we live in, and deep cleaned that trash (I went Angela-status up in there.) Its very true that you feel the spirit in a clean and organized house... (thanks mom.) :)

As a matter of fact, shout out to my mother for being amazing. I love you so much mom. You are the best ya know? Being a mother is a GRAND responsibility and thank goodness my Mom is really good at it. :) I hope that one day I can marry a woman like my mother.

Something amazing that happened this week was that I had the opportunity to go to the temple. The temple of Santiago is very very very close to a very busy road that tends to be very loud.... but when you enter you could NEVER guess that you are right next to a road. What a blessing we have to have temples on the earth. I know it is the house of the Lord.

I love you all so much. Everybody be safe! I am praying constantly for you all! Please include my companion and I in your prayers!

Elder Brophy

Red Hot Fire.... I spit that.
So glasses or no? (fail)

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