Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Last Supper.... of Elder Mendoza


-Yes, this is my last week with my companion Elder Mendoza because he goes home. :(
-I wont know who my new companion is until Wednesday.... so you are all going to have to wait. :(
-I have started using the audio thingy a ton so I can send recordings to you guys!
-In the ward i am serving in, there are about 155 people that attend regularly.
-We meet in a pretty big chapel.
-I dont ride a bike in this area. 

Well, this week has been absolutely amazing. We have had a TON of things to do this last week but it was all worth it. A couple things we did this week are the following:

Well, we had a meeting with Pres. Barreiros this week which was soooo amazing. We talked about the light that we, as missionaries, have. The light we have (also as members of the Church) is an example to those who can see.

For example. The ward you serve in sees the light and excitement a missionary has when he arrives his first Sunday. The people in the street that see us can see the smile on our face that says ¨Yes, we are truly happy.¨ Its the sickest thing ever. We need to help others not only see this light... but feel the light within themselves. How? Through sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ! I invite all to think of the blessings and happiness the gospel has brought to your life and share it with others. Visit the sick and weary. Help the poor and needy. I promise God will bless you.

The second thing that was tight was the baptism of Felipe Riquelme. HE FINALLY GOT IN THE WATER. Heck yeah. Well, this last week he had actually asked me to baptize him. So, we traveled to Melipilla (with the consent of Pres.) and I was able to help in that sacred ordinance. Here is a picture hahaha

I love you all. Be safe and live the gospel. I testify there is not a greater joy felt than that of the Gospel.

Christ lives! Hurrah for Israel!!!! hahaha

Elder Brophy

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