Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Last week of Changes

Hey Everybody. :) Everybody looking fresh and usual. Gonna get into it.
-This last week was great! A lot to do but really amazing.
-We have seen a LOT of tender mercies this week. Stories below hahaha
-I have not taken a picture of the tree yet. But the Hna Barreiros took a picture of it because she loved it so much ahhaha
-I am not 100% sure when we are going to do skype yet haha

So, this week was great. We had a LOT to do like i said but very grateful for the things I have learned this week. We had meetings this week, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in the mornings. Hahaha so that was kinda interesting but very edifying. 

This is the last week of changes. Next Mondayy we will know which missionaries in the zone have changes.

But this last week we had the oportunity to have a meeting with the Stake President here and talk about the stake and the things we can do to help it progress. It was a very edifying meeting being able to think, ponder, and plan about the members/missionaries that are here in this Stake. The stake president expressed his gratitud towards the missionaries who are serving and shared his personal experience he had in his own mission. I know that through the priesthood power, we can make covenants of obedience with God. ¨Without these covenants. There is not salvation.¨ -President Barreiros

But yeah killas. Its amazing. My companion and I are having a great time preaching, walking, kicking rocks in the street between each others legs and screaming ¨nutmeg!¨, and testifying of the truth. I love this gospel! I love all of you! I testify Christ lives and loves each and everyone of us. He is our perfect example. May we follow Him.

Elder Brophy

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