Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving... What is that?

Starting it up!

-The Thanksgiving dinner was great! I really enjoyed it! President is the best.
-They fed over 180 missionaries!
-I still have my Christmas tie to wear!
-I have listened to almost all the recordings!
-I have only opened up 3 ties out of the Christmas box.... hahahaha i had to! but the rest I havent looked at!
-i hung up the tree and all the ornaments on it! loooooks so tight. :)

Anyways, sounds like things are CRAZY at home. :) But thats great. Sister getting married... Thanksgiving.... Christmas comin soon..... Pops retiring..... The usual right? :)

Well, this week was amazing. :) We had a baptism!!! :) Filomena (who is 82 years old) was baptized on Friday night. :) It was incredible what she did because even after receiving comments from her family that told her not to be baptized, she made the decision to follow Christ and enter the waters of baptism. :) Elder Harries and I both had to get into the baptismal font to help her into the water. It was a very spiritual experience I will never forget. :)

Also, something that was CRAZY that happened on Sunday was the following.

So after church we were straight walking back to the pension really quickly before lunch to drop off our suits and 20 feet away from our house a HUGE forest fire start out of nowhere. Not even kidding, flames over 40 feet tall just start on the other side of the road we were on. So, watching to see if we needed to move our stuff out of our house and leave, a TON of Chileans just come out of nowhere with water and hoses and start fighting the fire likes machines! Hahahah it was EPIC. Then, the firemen arrived and started busting stuff up. At the end, they controled the fire, we didnt have to move and everything was just covered in ashes. Pretty cool story eh?

hahahah but thats it! I love you all so much. I know that Christ lives! I know that He showed us the way and commands that we follow Him. I know that as we are baptized, we receive a remission of our sins. I know that to enter into Gods kingdom, we must be baptized by someone with the proper authority. :) I know these things to be true with all my heart.

Love you all

Elder Brophy

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